Day 79 – Hemingway House

This is the first weekend I’ve been in Havana. It felt very strange to wake up and not have school. I went to school for breakfast and we discussed going to Hemingway house today as none of us had plans. We ordered a taxi which was typically Cuban and arrived 20 minutes late and then headed out.

I had heard about the house from other people here in Cuban and so had reasonably high expectations. I forgot that this was indeed Cuba. The house was beautiful and you could look through into each room…. The décor left much to be desired being mostly animal heads on every wall. The tower had an awesome viewpoint…

Then the typical Cuban kicked in….a cock fighting ring….well….just a tree and a sign….

The tennis court was my favourite, it was a sign by a boat with a wall behind it. I couldn’t help but laugh.

We were finished there after 20 minutes and decided to head to Verdado and try the best ice cream in Cuba at Coppelia’s. For Cuba it wasn’t bad but not a mark on Devonshire cream, Ben & Jerry’s etc.

Next up, we walked through town to a roof top bar for some pictures. It looked like a rough council estate at home and when we got to the roof top bar there seemed to be done strange modelling tryouts going on with women in shorts and bras. Awkward. We took our pictures and crept out as soon as possible.

The group then split up and we headed to the cemetery. Here in Havana there is only one and it is so big there are actual roads and signs to get to certain plots. It has a guided tour there so we thought we would check it out.

5 minutes from the cemetery the heavens started to open, so we took cover quickly and got a drink to try and wait out the heavy rain. We sat for over an hour before it started to get lighter (I had the BEST lemonade in that time!) So we decided we would try our luck.

We got to the gates to be told the cemetery was closed. It closed at 5pm and it was now 5:15pm. Typically now would be the time for the Cuban’s not to be Cuban! So we got a taxi back to the school. This was no ordinary taxi though…..this has to have been the most run down taxi I have ever been in. It was raining INSIDE the taxi and my feet had a pool….the door had to be opened specially and the windows couldn’t be moved. It was impressive that it drove ok!

We made it back in one piece and went for dinner at school with the other students. We’ll try again tomorrow!

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