Day 78 – Back to Havana Once More…

Today was long and boring for the most part. We had a reasonable start with an​ 8:30am breakfast and then we were on the road until 12:30pm from Santa Clara to Havana. The roads are pretty horrendous so it can take some time on some parts.

Once we got back, we had lunch at the school with the other students. It was nice to catch up and see what they have been up to this week and share our journey. 

After lunch a couple of us went to the WiFi park. About 15 minutes after we arrived it started to rain and when it rains in Havana, we run for cover. We sheltered in a nearby restaurant grabbing a drink and chatting for a while.

I had a headache so I got an early dinner and went back to my casa. I ended up going through my photos and sorting them on my laptop before popping some pain relief and snuggling into bed. The weekend should be more exciting once I get some sleep!

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