Day 74 – Cienfuegos

Spanish today made my brain want to explode! I think my head was still at the beach….it definitely wasn’t in the classroom studying el gerundio! It was the longest four hours ever and by the end I felt like a wrung out dish cloth.

After lunch it was time to start the travelling classroom. As per the norm with Cuba, the taxi was late, but eventually we were on our way to Cienfuegos with our new teacher.

It took about two and a half hours with the usual on edge Cuban driving and bizarre sights on the highway, but we made it there in one piece. Our teacher showed us to our beautiful casa then took us out on a walk round and mini history lesson on Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos is very beautiful and unlike everywhere in Cuba, has a French influence for all the architecture. Like everywhere else in Cuban there was plenty of rubbish filling the street and sea.

We went to both the older part of town a d the new. In the new part a lot of money had been invested in the past and the casa’s were huge and well maintained, unlike Havana. We went to one of the palaces that were built here and is fully original and now being used as a restaurant. It was really stunning. The views from the roof would have been awesome in the daylight!

After a drink we headed back to go to bed ready for an early start and the next destination tomorrow.

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