Day 72 – Varadero

Oh dear. I was so hungover today it was ridiculous. It is so easy to get dehydrated here with how hot it is, the alcohol hit me like a tonne of bricks this morning. I felt awful. We were supposed to be ready to leave by 10:30am….because of me, we didn’t get to the beach until 12pm!

I was feeling extremely sorry for myself. The beach is the BEST place to be hungover. Laying under an umbrella on a sun lounger with water to sip, sun, sea and sand with the occasional nap. Ignoring the sick feeling…perfection!

We spent the whole day at the back relaxing and swimming and soaking the sun. When we left I was feeling human again!

We went back and showered to try and get rid of the sand….I’m sure it will be with me for the next month!!!! It gets everywhere! I was fairly presentable afterwards though and Roger decided he wanted lobster for dinner. We headed off to the best lobster restaurant in Varadero and man was it good! The presentation itself was amazing, but the taste….yum! I think I will dream about it for a while.

We went for a drink at the fated location from the night before and then headed home as we were tired from the night before and the days escapades.

The bestie made it to Varadero too!!!! (Before I forget!)

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