Day 70 – Original Plans

So if I had stuck to my original plans, today would have been my last day at school and in my casa with the family. Tomorrow I would have been heading out on my own for a few days in Cuba.

Now….I am in school tomorrow, away on a little weekend break in the afternoon until Sunday and back to school Monday. I am such a little nerd, I have been so enjoying Spanish I’ve ask to do more!!!!! 

I’ve signed up to do school right up until I leave Cuba. For one week of what is left I will do a travelling classroom so I will atleast get to see some other areas of Cuba too.

Dance today was easy, well for me. Poor Roger was having to work twice as hard! Salsa as it turns out completely relies on a good lead. If you have a good lead, almost anyone can dance salsa (which is why I am starting to be able to!). So other than practicing basic steps and getting extremely hot, Roger was doing ALL of the work!

The afternoon was spent sorting a few things out before meeting people from school. A couple of people had been away and arrived back today, which obviously called for a piña colada! Bring on the weekend!!!!!

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