Day 69 – Way of Life

I am coming to settle into the way of life here in Cuba. It is very laid back here. As I was told….there are no problems in Cuba, only solutions!

Today we have had our Spanish classroom moved outside. This might sound like it’s nice, but I can tell you, it’s not. The sound of surrounding schools and traffic is distracting enough, but add in the intense heat (and today was almost unbareable), you have two unhappy students. It looks like we have been evicted outside for the rest of the week due to an American school visiting – joy!

Dancing was also difficult today. Our teacher decided we were doing well and to try and add in a very complicated move. I swear he became an octopus half way through! I could barely keep track of his arms let alone what his feet were doing. By the end of the class I was almost ready to drop.

I dragged my ass to the shop with one of the girls from school to get a huge water and some toothpaste. Mine has decided now is the time to run out so I hope Cuban toothpaste is good!

By the evening I was running on reserve energy and walking to meet people from school for dinner was effort. It has been so hot today I could physically feel my energy being syphoned. I thought it might rain, but no such luck. Maybe tomorrow?!

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