Day 68 – Old Havana

My Spanish has definitely improved! Today I managed to speak to the school director about the travelling classroom…and I understood the response!

Classes went well. My teacher is really lovely and Roger and I get on very well so the classes pass by quickly. Tomorrow we have a test! I am enjoying learning Spanish more than I thought and so I have asked about more classes.

After class today we had no salsa class and so a group of us headed in to Old Havana. It was tourists galore, every way you looked there were more! It was so hot and the streets were packed. The architecture in the tourist spots were really beautiful, a lot of restoration work is going into them.

There are museums dotted all over the place, but not like the museums you come to expect….most are just a room. The chemists are pretty cool though with the old school look.

We ended up going to a roof bar and having a drink to cool off whilst enjoying the view before going to a couple of shops and then heading back in a taxi…a classic of course! The outsides always look better than the insides though….

Our homework for the day was to try two foods/drinks that our teacher said was good and totally Cuban. So, we headed off to a restaurant to get out homework done. A jugo de bomba and Los tostones later we headed home for the night.

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