Day 63 – Casa de la Música

The cold is still hanging on. It hasn’t got worse, but it hasn’t gone either. Stubborn thing!

School was good. I feel like I am making baby steps with my Spanish, but they are steps even so! Gisela is a brilliant teacher. I’m sad to say that there was no salsa today, so I had my first free afternoon!

There were plans for the evening so I decided to chat for a while and then head to the park. While at the park there was light rain that was irritating to start with, but nothing major. The sun came out and all was forgotten. 

No more than fifteen minutes later, the heavens opened and the thunder rolled. I ran (?!?!) to find cover. I ended up hiding in someone’s front porch for ten minutes with a fellow Cuban, laughing about the extreme tropical weather. When it finally died off I made my escape back to my casa.

Later, once I had drip dried, a group of us met at the school to head to Casa de la Música. On the way out the door, my hosts adviced walking in flip flops then changing at the club to my appropriate footwear…best advice ever!!!! It was amazing in the club. There was no tourists, only locals who were so friendly. There was a live performer and​ EVERYBODY danced. One of our group even got up on stage!

I knew Cubans were good dancers, but this was awesome! I swear some people had no spines to move like they did. Of course I was the obvious British person….stiff and awkward!

After the club we went​ to a restaurant for some food, which I swear was the best damn good I’ve had in the whole of Havana so far. We talked and planned our way back into Casa de la Música.

When we got there, only three people were let in and I took that as a sign to head home and sober up. Paula and I went in search of a taxi. The guy finding a taxi for us decided that as I had no boyfriend and was beautiful (beautifully tipsy more like!), that he wanted my number and to be my boyfriend….at the very least he wanted a kiss. 

For a cheap taxi, he got a kiss on the cheek and a tipsy wave from in the taxi with Paula. People here in Cuba are so friendly. At no point did I ever feel unsafe from this. Even in the club, people are considerate and come and talk, then leave, no harassment, no problem – nothing like England.

At home, homework is the last thing on my mind tonight. Tomorrow I go on a weekend school trip so the water is out and the cold and flu pills are at the ready!!

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