Day 62 – Havana

Today is marginally cooler….like one sweat drop less!

Spanish lessons were productive. I felt I understood a little easier today after the first half an hour or so to switch my brain into Spanish mode. The last half an hour of the lesson was fully practical, holding a conversation between the three of us. I held my own quite well even if I say so myself….and it’s only day three!

After Spanish and lunch, it was salsa time! Today we had a different teacher, a lady. Her approach was different, she focused very much on the technicalities of the steps which was good to have. We only had an hour’s lesson today as a group of American students were having a taster class.

As I had more free time in the afternoon than usual I decided to have a walk and check out the fresh food market. Markets here aren’t quite like any other markets I have seen. At the “supermarket” all the locals come in to see what has been stocked up as if it isn’t the same each time. There is very little in there, enough for me to get water. The fresh food market, was similar in a way. It was only local which was good and there was a strip of stalls that had various fruit and vegetables. The papaya were massive, I wanted to grab a stool and a spoon and get stuck in!

I had a wander round the neighbourhood until I decided it was probably best to go back and do my homework. I had no real evening plans and when I went to grab a take out pizza I ran into Roger (my Spanish and dance partner) and ended up having dinner with him and talking weekend plans.

The lurgie has properly kicked in today so an earlyish night for me!

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