Day 61 – Learning, Learning & More Learning

Another day at school!

This morning I had my timings right and wasn’t ridiculously early at school. I was perfectly in time for breakfast and class.

Lessons with my teacher Gisela and my fellow classmate Roger went well. My brain felt rinsed by the end, but it was good. Despite it being day two, I feel like I have made a tiny bit of progress and can understand a little more. I have high hopes for the end of week two!

Next up was dancing. 2 hours of basically a private class with just myself and Roger again. We were told that we were practicing and recapping on yesterday’s material and tomorrow would be new moves. Well that’s what we understood anyway! Clearly we were wrong as we were put through our paces by learning more figures and more partner coordination! We think by the end of the week that we will be fairly competent (hahahahahaha) and have discussed going to a Cuban salsa club – let the shame commence!

After dancing, I hit up the WiFi spot. On the way I stopped at the viewpoint of Havana. It was quite impressive (not that the photo shows that much!). I swear it must be the only hill/highest hill in the entirety of Havana. I walk this each time, there and back for the WiFi. It’s a good job I have done all that trekking. I break a sweat only because of the intense heat!!!! It actually makes me feel fairly fit….

I spent the evening with my study buddy Roger, getting dinner, stocking up on water (I swear I am eating and drinking more than I ever have in my entire life!) and talking the night away….well an early night anyway….as well as eating loads I’m tired a lot. I blame it on the heat, learning new things and feeling like I’m getting sick – I guess I’ve had a few healthy weeks!

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