Day 60 – Spanish Time

Today I started school…. Such a weird thing to say after so long. It’s obviously not been that long since I’ve studied, but since I have physically attended school. Very weird!

I got up and dressed ready to go to school for breakfast. Unbeknown to me, my clock was wrong so I was extremely early for breakfast….I sat there getting very concerned that I was going to be the only student! A little while later people started turning up so I decided to slip in a question about the time (highlighting my mistake to me, I won’t be caught out tomorrow!)

There was an introductory chat with the owners of the school (in Spanish of course) about the school, the lessons and Havana itself. It turns out they are much more than a school!

Next, the dreaded test. Everyone had to sit it to establish their Spanish level. Safe to say I was done with very very quickly and my paper was terribly white. Welcome to the beginners class! There is myself and one other person in the very beginners, Roger. They wasted no time and we were straight into lessons.

Nothing was spoken in English, at all. By the end of the lesson my brain felt fried. It has been a while since I’ve had that level of intensity and today it wasn’t for the whole four hours!! Tomorrow is going to be very interesting….

After lunch (at the school), it was time for salsa classes. I had a bit of a negative head space going on – I had a headache, I was tired and it was so damn hot. Dancing never fails to make me smile though. Roger was also in my dance class. One other guy, Thomas was in it too. As the only female, I did ALOT of dancing, but it was just what the doctor ordered. By the end of the class I had a massive smile on my face and was ready to tackle things.

First up – drink an insane amount of water and have a little socialise. Once done, change some Euro’s to CUC (it is better to do Euro’s as USD gets a 10% tax charge on conversation to Convertible Cuban Pesos aka CUC). Then, go and find WiFi!!!!

We had been given a little map from the school so I tested my inner satnav and walked to the park. As soon as I arrived there was a guy offering to sell me a WiFi card – I bought five so I am prepared!!!! I took a seat with all the locals who were sat around with their laptops and phones and logged in. It felt glorious to get internet even though I hadn’t been away long. I needed a friends and family fix for a pep talk.

When my hour was up I headed back to my room to quickly freshen up before meeting one of the guys from school for dinner. We walked to the other end of town and had a really lovely meal and drinks for $10!!! It tasted even better after that bit of knowledge.

We headed back and I left for an early night to do my homework and get to sleep to try and shift this headache before school tomorrow. What a swot!

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