Day 59 – Travels to Havana

My morning was a killer. Starting at 3am to get up ready for my taxi to the airport, which conveniently didn’t have change so I overpaid for it…

At the airport, check in was more complex as they wanted all my details for my exit flight from Havana and then I had to go and get Euro’s for changing up in Cuba and some USD as backup – just incase!

Once through I got some breakfast and then paced the airport nervously for the next few hours. For some reason Cuba has been a real source of bad nervous and anxiety and I haven’t been able to quiet them whatever I have done or read.

Stage one of my flight to Panama was pain free. The flight was pretty empty and spacious AND it had a film and food so I was pretty happy. Getting off the plane was like a punch in the face. Ecuador has been quite unseasonably cold. Panama however was accurately humid. Yay for me being in jeans. I had two hours to burn in the airport, where I just ended up getting more and more anxious. I don’t think I have many finger nails left!

The flight to Havana was PACKED. It felt long despite snacks and films, but that could have been my nerves too. When we finally arrived, it was even more humid than Panama. The airport isn’t as modern or large as Panama either. I got through passport control with the new stamp – yay and then had an hour and a half wait to get my baggage. Not the best start in that humidity but atleast my baggage actually turned up!

I was collected by Alberto who spoke about ten words of English to me and explained in Spanish what the evening plans were. This just continued to make me feel worse, but I quieted my internal panic and looked out the window taking in Havana. It was raining…the roads in places were massively flooded and cars had to trickle through. Every other car was a classic and the houses were all colourful. I tried to hold on to these details.

I was dropped at my new “casa” with my host. Her name is Mary. She also speaks about ten words of English – great. She showed me my room, which is beautiful. It is so nice to have drawer space, not that I have anything to fill them with! 

I was told that dinner was at 7pm at the school and there I was left. Did I mentioned I have no internet and not even a dot of signal? Alone isn’t the word.

I took the time to unpack my bag to keep me occupied and then I sat and waited. It got to 7:15pm and I quietly crept out my room to ask if I would be shown the school. Apparently I was expected to just go when I wanted without knowing where….this is getting better by the second….

I got pointed in the direction of the school and when I got there I wandered upstairs to a little room with a full table of people talking. No one even looked up. I nervously went and got a plate of food despite eating being the last thing on my mind and quietly asked if I could squeeze in anywhere.

It turns out most people there are either leaving the school tomorrow or are part of a travelling a class so will only be there a couple of days…..except me of course! As always. I swear I almost left my plate there and walked myself back to the airport.

So far, not quite reaching the expectation in any way shape or form. I think I may have bitten off more than I can manage here….I’m hoping after sleeping things will seem better tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 59 – Travels to Havana”

  1. Chin up my lil Flo-Jo, you will acclimatize, adjust and your grit determination with push you through this uncomfortable period. Stay strong, stay focused and I’m sure after a few days you will begin to enjoy Cuba, school and dancing. Love you xxx


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