Day 57 – Cotacatchi

We were up and ready to go to Cotacatchi lake. Between us we decided on a taxi as it would be cheap to split the cost. Waiting for the taxi to arrive, I made another little friend!

The walk around the lake would take five hours and as we set off I was reminded why altitude sucked. My lungs were cursing me with every step but the views helped quiet them down a bit.

Remi and Cécile are keen photographers for which I am most grateful as it meant that at every beautiful point they wanted to stop to take photos and I could take the chance to catch my breath and let my muscles stop screaming at me.

Not even a quarter of the way round, the sky darkened….we kept walking, determined to get a beautiful picture of this amazing lake….until the raindrops started. They were huge and quickly became hail. We began a hasty retreat, but weren’t quick enough. The skies opened and the storm began. I have never heard the likes of it. The rain and thunder echoed off the lake and the lightning illuminated miles around. It was astounding. We made it to some form of shelter but not before getting quite wet.

I stood watching the storm transfixed and dripping. Cotacatchi lake is the centre of a dormant volcano and with the boom of each clap of thunder, you could really be transported to when it was active.

When the rain got slightly lighter, we made a dash for it back to the café, thinking to get a hot drink and wait it out. No such luck….the storm had thrown the electrics there! We had a look round the mini museum. The belief about the volcano was that she fell in love with the surrounding mountain and had a son and daughter which were the two islands in the middle of the lake. Quite poetic and beautiful really.

We ended up sharing a taxi with the lady from the café to Cotacatchi town where she took us to a really good almuerzo! I naturally ate too much but for $2.50 how could you not?!

We went to the leather markets and I fell in love with almost every handbag I saw but restrained myself with the thought of having to carry more stuff. It was tough…everything was so reasonably priced!!!

After a few hours we headed back to the hotel to fully dry out. The restaurant at our hostel was having a music night which we wanted to attend. I love the local music!

I made it less than an hour….a damn migraine reared it’s ugly head. It was bound to happen….I hadn’t drunk enough and I was altitude, a perfect recipe. Atleast I got to enjoy some of the music before I scuttled off to the darkness of my room.

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