Day 56 – Peguche

I started my day with some salsa music and a hot shower. A good way to start any day. It went downhill a little as I had to follow that with some packing and checking out.

After checking out I tracked down a taxi to take me to Carcelén bus station ready to set off on the next part of my journey. It took 20 minutes to get there and when I arrived I felt overwhelmed for a minute or two.

There was people everywhere, a constant hum of activity and Spanish. Luckily there was a sign to tell me where I needed to buy my ticket to Otavalo from but after that I descended into a thick fog of Spanish that I could barely comprehend. I was attempting to keep up and follow hand gestures to find my bus….there was so many!!!!

In my mini moment of panic I dropped my ticket and frantically followed it putting my bag down to pick it up. The ticket guy had obviously been watching my useless state and taking pity on me came and carried my bag and took me to my bus – thank goodness!! Seated by the window in the comfortable bus, I plugged in my music and set to staying awake for the 2 hour journey.

It was a scenic journey that I really enjoyed and I arrived pain free in Otavalo. I hopped into a taxi with my hand written details for accommodation in Peguche.

I arrived in 5 minutes flat and was surprised to so easily find the hostel in such a little village. I checked in to my room, dropped off my stuff and decided to go out. 

I have clearly been in cities too long. I was looking for supermarkets and café’s and instead I found beautiful little homes, smiley people and animals galore. It was a real pleasure to walk and take in the view. Every person I passed said hello with a few people stopping to make conversation in Spanish (although mine is terrible). One lovely lady recommended I visit the waterfalls.

Taking her advice I headed off on a walk. On my way through the forest to the waterfalls I made a little friend who stuck with me for quite a while. I could happily have taken the little fella home!

I wandered round and looked at the waterfall for a little bit but the area was huge and I could easily spend half a day there. I took some snaps and decided to head back before it got dark and while the weather held out!

When I got back I decided to have a quiet evening in the little courtyard. I sat in a hammock with my book and music and watched the hummingbirds. Perfectly relaxing!

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