Day 53 – Return to San Cristóbal

I left for the ferry port early this morning in the hopes to grab some breakfast first. Much to my disgust nowhere was open so no breakfast for me. I was sat at the port as one of the first people.

People came to collect tickets and check names ready to board the boat as per the norm (well normal for me now!), but unlike normal there was a problem. Well, I guess it is normal for me to have a problem! I had been issued a ticket, but my name had not been added to the list so I hadn’t been included in the boat numbers. Great – today when I NEED to get back to San Cristóbal is the day this happens…..sods law. My luck started to swing in my favour though as someone else didn’t turn up, they could see I had a legitimate ticket and so they let me on. I was finally on my way!

On arriving at San Cristóbal I checked in to a local hotel, quickly grabbed my washing and rushed round to the launderette. I was down to my last bits of clothing…..I was greeted with “no, mañana”. Grrrr, this was clearly how my luck was going to roll today. I traipsed back to my hotel with the dirty laundry in tow, climbed onto my bed and laid there for a while. I needed some time. I was tired and my luck was already against me today. However, the sun was shining so things could still turn around!

A little while later I decided to head out and get some lunch. I found an amazing place – Lucky’s Restaurant – that did the best almuerzo for $4. I ate so much as it was so tasty I felt like I needed to roll myself down the street afterwards! I got some water and decided it was time to go on a wander in the sunshine.

I headed up to the Interpretation centre stopping at the beach outside it to enjoy the view and find some shelter from the sun for a little while. There were sea lions playing in the sea and rolling up and down the sand. They wouldn’t be still for a minute, it was so amusing!

I wandered round the Interpretation centre reading all about the Galapagos. It was interesting to read some of the history and future plans for the islands. Out the back there was a path, so naturally I decided to follow it…

It lead me upwards. Luckily I had taken plenty of water as it was really hot, there was no shade and at times the path was really steep. Eventually I came to a sign post. One way was Punta Carola, the other was Tijeretas Hills. I decided I would follow Punta Carola first. 

It took me to “Love Beach”, perfect for surfing and snorkelling with sea lions playing in the sea. It was beautiful. I enjoyed the view for a little while but as I didn’t have my swim gear I moved on. Along the same path there were various exits taking you to other beaches, a snorkelling stop and a nice viewpoint with a Charles Darwin statue over the snorkelling area.

I wandered back to the sign post and decided to try the Tijeretas Hills route. This was extremely steep at times and there were a number of steps but before too long I reached the main viewpoint and what a view! I could even seen Leon Dormido!

Impressed with myself, I stayed to take in the view and watch the frigate birds before heading back down. I was enjoying my little walk round and feeling nice and relaxed, when I turned the corner and had a fright. Before I knew it I had let out a scream and was running down the uneven path (in flipflops I might add!). I had seen my first snake in the Galapagos and hopefully my last!!!!!

I made my way back to town, went and got my standard fridge magnet before heading back to my room where I ended up having an accidental siesta (it was good though). Luckily I woke up in time for dinner where I met up with Remi and Cecilé and they told me all about their day snorkelling.

After dinner, we decided to walk along the pier. We were quietly watching a group of sea lions bickering and playing amongst themselves…..or so I thought. When I turned around and Remi and Cécile had moved to the other end of the pier and instead a huge male sea lion was sat facing me. He barked at me as I tried to move past him and dropped to the floor rapidly slithering towards me. I took my foot back to where it was and froze. I thought maybe if I stayed still and where I was he would pass. He didn’t.

He was in the middle of the walk way so there was no way for me to go around him. Behind me was a group of about six sea lions and to my side was the edge of the pier so I had no options….I stayed still for a few minutes. By this point Remi and Cécile had seen me. The male sea lion had sat back up and didn’t appear to be looking at me so with an encouraging wave from my friends from the other side, I took a step. The sea lion barked and lunged at me so quickly, I stepped back as fast as I could, but I still felt his whiskers round my ankle….luckily no teeth! With that Remi and a guy that was on the pier started clapping and making noises which distracted the sea lion long enough for me to run past. My heart was in my throat to say the least! Naturally my response was to laugh. 

I am still chuckling now imagining my face looking at this giant sea lion…you could say my luck was bad all day or you could say it was good depending on the perspective. I’m going with good!

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