Day 51 – Island Hopping

So the alarm was set super early to check the weather. If it was nice, we were off to the volcano. When we opened the curtains it was thick grey cloud and light rain so we all turned over and went back to sleep for a few more hours.

When we surfaced again ready to face the world the sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was only white fluffy clouds over the town (over the volcano it was still grey so it’s all good!). As I started to get ready for the day, it was of course typical of my luck that my suncream decided to run out. On a day like today there was NO way I could be without suncream. With one leg creamed, I rushed out in search of a new bottle. 10 minutes later I was limping back to the hotel….not from sunburn, but from the pain of paying out for suncream….120ml for $20, it physically hurt my inner accountant.

Today we decided we would rent bicycles and go for a bike ride to the wall of tears and the turtle sites. 16km on sand roads, going up and down….I was a little concerned, especially in the 30° heat but nevertheless, I do seem to like a good challenge. I got a pink wolf bike. I was confident it would be a trusty steed…ha! Of course it had to give me jip going up hills!!!!

We cycled past the town, past the beach with wild horses, past a beautifully vibrant cemetery to our first stop….an iguana beach. The views were awesome, there were pelicans in the mangroves and there were even tracks where sea turtles had come ashore to lay their eggs.

Cycling along the route we saw tortoises sheltering in the bushes. Wild tortoises! They were huge….I’m sure the smaller ones were just much better at hiding from us! It was so hot and hard work cycling, I could happily have laid down in the shubbery next to them!

After just over an hour we made it to the Wall of Tears. It was originally constructed by prisoners and is supposed to have been the cause of thousands of deaths. When we got there the clouds were starting to roll in and it gave it quite a dramatic appearance.

On the way back, we stopped at a couple of spots. First we stopped at the main viewpoint. We had to climb a number of steps to get there….my legs were screaming at me in rebellion – cycling, walking and now stairs?! The view however was totally worth the internal disagreement.

Next, we hit two stops in one go….some mini lava tunnels and an iguana breeding beach. The clouds were rolling in fast now, so these were fleeting visits, just long enough to enjoy the views! (It’s an optical test to spot the iguanas!)

Cycling to escape the rain and not over run our time on the rental we put in a reasonably hard cycle back to town. My legs were ready for a nap by the time we got there. I hadn’t had anything to eat and so my stomach was also chiming in in complaint too. I was ready for lunch!

After lunch it was time to get to the ferry and head back to Santa Cruz for my second attempt there. The trip there was uneventful and I got to happily dose the entire trip listening to music. Hopefully tomorrow will be a successful second take!

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