Day 49 – Isabela

To keep to the theme of the trip, of course there was yet another early start to the day. You would think my body clock would start to adjust but nooooo, my alarm goes off and I still groan and try to ignore it. Eventually I turfed myself out of bed as no one else was going to make me. Luckily as I had been organised yesterday evening it didn’t take me long to get ready…..I was actually early!!! Internally I cursed myself for getting me out of bed when I could have got away with 10 more minutes.

I stood waiting outside the travel shop as instructed. I was loaded up like a little pack horse, but the sun was shining and I was ready and raring to go. So I waited. And waited. And waiteddddd. Eventually a guy from one of the other travel places took pity and came over to help me out. I was sent down to the dock with my ticket to join another group of people and do more waiting. South America has definitely improved my patience, if nothing else!

20 minutes later we were herded onto the taxi boats and then out to the main boat ready to head to Isabela island. Oh boy was it a choppy ride. At one point it threw us all out of our seats. Luckily, I don’t generally suffer with sea sickness but the same can’t be said for my other crew mates….I felt like it was a traumatic 3 hour ride for us all!

After another taxi boat to the shore, we were herded into taxis to head to the main town. Three of us were dropped together outside a hotel before the taxi disappeared. Before I knew it I was agreeing to a cheaper night stay by room sharing with the two people I had been dropped off with. Their Spanish was really good, so I was quite happy to sponge off of this! That’s all I knew about them…

Cecilé and Remi are my new room mates. Both from France and travelling together. They happily took me in and helped book a tour for tomorrow, then we went for lunch and chatted before heading off for a bit of an afternoon adventure.

We headed to the turtle breeding centre following a beautiful path that showed us: a random horse, iguanas, lizards galore, crabs, ducks, flamingo’s, amazing landscapes and the poisonous fruit that the turtles eat. We then made it to the turtles which were incredible, so prehistoric and jurassic! You don’t get bored of seeing all the wildlife.

We took a different route back to town taking us along the beach. Every way you turned there were iguanas. They blended so well with the volcanic rocks that you almost stepped on them. Luckily they are much faster than me and could get out of the way!

Back at town, we picked up some swim gear and went to the local snorkelling spot. As I don’t have snorkel equipment I was bag lady and stayed ashore and started chatting to a German traveller. The little wooden platform wasn’t very big where people got ready to go snorkelling and alongside the people there was a sea lion and a huge iguana that completely ignored everyone and stayed soaking up the sun.

After all of that excitement the routine of laundry had to kick in (stupid wet stuff from yesterday), so we dropped that and went out for dinner. I tried a little bit of lobster and an arepa. I’m now content and ready to sleep because surprise, surprise…it’s another early start tomorrow!!!!

1 thought on “Day 49 – Isabela”

  1. OMG that iguana in the last photo is HUGE!!! I love reading your daily blog and learning of your adventures, you are becoming a real little Dora the Explorer!! Love you xxx


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