Day 46 – The Galapagos

I can’t believe I am staying on a Galapagos island! This place is my dream. I am already thinking of moving my flight to stay longer.

I got up this morning with a determined mind. With my slowly improving Spanglish I asked to stay at the hotel a few nights longer, I explained to the transfer that I had cancelled volunteering and so it wasn’t necessary, I got some breakfast from a local café and had found somewhere to do the ever necessary laundry. All before 9am!

After all of that I walked to the seafront and was greeted by sea lions galore. I have only seen the like on television. At that time in the morning they were mostly sleepy but there was the occasional one making noise or playing. It was an amazing sight. There were even plenty of babies to be seen!

I spent a good few hours sitting and watching them wake up, go to the sea and play, bicker amongst themselves, find shade and all their funny antics. I also saw iguanas, crabs and a huge assortment of birds. I could have sat there all day.

I decided I would take today easy, but tomorrow I would get on a tour to see some more of the island. I went to one of the booking agents and arranged this, then tracked myself down a taxi.

The biggest failing I have with my Spanglish is numbers….this can be a real pain in many situations, but hailing a taxi and agreeing a price can be one of the bigger ones…I could have cursed myself! However, I was on my way and wouldn’t let it ruin my day.

I had decided to go to the National Park on the island where they had the tortoise breeding. A half an hour taxi ride from town. When we got there I started to realise that maybe the taxi price wasn’t as bad as I thought when my taxi driver then became my guide to the park!

He was so helpful, speaking in simple Spanish so I could work out what he was trying to explain to me and putting up with my terribly worded Spanish questions. He was really good at pointing out the tortoises off the beaten track to me and even was happy to be my photographer! Did you know tortoises hiss?! This one was so fed up of tourists that it hissed the entire time the photo was being taken!

In the breeding section there were areas for tortoises of each year of age up to 8 years old when they were then put in the open to roam the grounds. It looked like a good tortoise life. There was plenty of vegetation, hiding places, awesome lava rocks, lots of birds and plenty of other tortoises!

I was then dropped back to town by my awesome tour guide, safe, sound and at what now seemed a much more reasonable price!

I headed back to the hotel for shelter. I am not only missing Christine for the company, but also for the suncream help! The heat here is intense….I had forgotten what it was like to be sweltering all the time and needing to cover every inch of yourself in suncream. I had done really well….except where I couldn’t reach! (Miss you lots Christine – honestly, not just for suncream help!)

I had a lazy remainder of the afternoon in my room under the aircon until I decided it was probably time to go a get my laundry and have some food! I stepped outside into the heat wall and was met with surprise by rain! You could smell it in the air, but with the heat there was no refreshing feeling, it just felt like you were walking into a rather weak shower….

I collected my laundry – hooray and decided I would get an early dinner before the mosquitos came out to eat me, so I went to a local restaurant and ordered Florian chicken, yum yum. Whilst I was waiting for it to come, two local girls from San Cristóbal came over to me and asked if they could practice their English with me for school. So I ended up being recorded and chatting about travelling and London for 15 minutes before my dinner arrived. Shame I wasn’t looking my best!!!!

On my way back to the hotel, I caught the sunset which was stunning. I can’t get used to sea lions being everywhere! I went to sit down on a bench and take in the view and both side were already occupied!!!!!

I instead took a slow walk back to the hotel ready for an early night and an early start tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Day 46 – The Galapagos”

  1. I miss you tooooo!
    But it feels good when I see that you’re enjoying Galapagos now 🙂 Can I come over for the weekend?
    Best from Hamburg :**


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