Day 45 – San Cristóbal

I am tired. My throat is starting to hurt. It has been a long day.

Another early start – ewww these need to stop! At the airport I needed to get my tourist card ($20) and my bags had to be inspected for food and animals….no kittens in my bag this time! Then I could finally check in and grab some food before the flight. Breakfast ended up being pancakes…..the world’s biggest pancakes….so tasty!

The flight took an hour to get to Guayaquil where we chilled waiting for passenger swap overs. It was then another hour and a half to reach San Cristóbal. The flight was smooth and I was so excited that I was actually going to the Galapagos!

The airport was the size of an air force hanger and it was so hot after getting off the plane. I haven’t had this kind of heat since Brazil. It was about 29°!!! I had to join the foreigners queue to have my passport checked (the all important stamp added!) and to pay the park fees ($100 cash). I was then collected from the airport and taken to my hotel.

At my hotel I made some calls for some reality checks and advice. After a nap and a little bit (maybe a lot….) of moping I decided to pull out of the volunteering and take this week to enjoy the Galapagos at a slower pace. I have done so much in the last six weeks and I have been ill or on the verge of ill for a lot of it. I am starting to feel it again and I don’t want to be ill at the Galapagos of all places. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! So tomorrow will be a bit different than I originally thought, but that’s the joy of travelling solo I guess.

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