Day 43 – Quito

Today has been a sad day. 

My day started early at 4am in time to get a shared lift to the airport for my flight to Quito. Christine got up to say goodbye to me which was really emotional. We have been together for six weeks and we have had such a great time. We have formed a firm friendship and I know we will stay in touch, we just weren’t ready for this bit to end!

The flight was delayed by 40 minutes and then was so turbulent I had no chance whatsoever of getting any sleep, so I have gradually been getting more and more ridiculously tired.
On arrival in Quito the sun was shining. At passport control I had a lovely gentleman stamp my passport, complimenting my beautiful eyes (wahey!) and wishing me a great time in Ecuador. I was then picked up by a lovely local guy who couldn’t tell me enough of the exciting things to do in Ecuador. It started to whet my appetite and lift some of the sullen mood.

On arrival at the hostel the nerves started…. I was remembering the bad experience I had back in Argentina. This further worsened when I found out hardly anyone was staying at the hostel….atleast I am almost guaranteed a good night right?! 

The nerves and negativity continued when the “induction guide” turned up to talk to me about the volunteering. It sounds as though I am going to be volunteering on my own at this rate! I am hoping it is a translation issue and people will be there too…..
I was struggling to find anything positive. The work doesn’t sound like I was lead to believe and I won’t have as much free time to explore the islands as I thought. Add to that, a last minute equipment list that I seem to be missing a lot of, it is safe to say the dark cloud was further descending.

I decided it was time to call home for a pick me up and to try and find the supermarket for a few snacks and a drink as I hadn’t eaten since 5am at the airport. My brother is good at picking me out of the misery bucket and kicking my butt into a more positive frame of mind aka. tough love! He was just what I needed.

Feeling in a better frame of mind I decided to walk to the nearest park make some other calls and take in the sunshine and local people. Sat happily underneath a tree a local guy approached me trying to make conversation. I was on my guard but didn’t want to be too anti….you never know what life might offer you with a bit if positivity right?! 

By the end of the conversation he had made a protection eye ear cuff that he wanted to give me as a gift because I was pretty and he hoped to see my face again. I felt like maybe my luck was changing and I should try and keep a positive vibe going!

It is honestly like I purposely tempt fate and challenge it to wipe the smile off my face! 20 minutes later, mid-video call someone tried to steal my phone. My saving grace was having headphones attached. As they slapped it from my hands, the wire got tangled and stopped them from gripping it as they ran past, which gave me chance to! What an idiot I am….I guess you could see the positive and say I am so darn lucky they didn’t get my phone.

With all good feelings gone, I left and headed back to the hostel to hide out in my room where I could be angry at myself and generally sad at the day. Not the best start to Quito. 

Tomorrow is another day. Another day where I will be less tired and emotional and will find the positives.

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