Day 41 – Chilled Cusco

Today was awesomely chilled. We didn’t leave the hotel until midday and then we had a completely free day to do what we wanted!

A couple of us headed to the local market where I bought some tourist gifts for the family and my mandatory fridge magnet! The next mission was to send it home – what a kerfuffle!!!! It required custom forms, photo ID copies (which we didn’t have), finger prints and an address which none of us had….Eventually we got there, so now the parcel is winging its way to the UK!

After all that hard work we hit my favourite café in Cusco for a cake (lemon meringue *druel*) and a fresh juice. We enjoyed just sitting, people watching and chatting. It was a good way to pass the time. We briefly went to the main square but decided we were going to the hotel to chill out and then get ready for the evening.

On return to the hotel, one of the lovely ladies had gone to the chocolate factory and had made some lovely chocolate treats she had made – best things ever! I thoroughly enjoyed snacking on those…I have done nothing but eat in Cusco!

The evening was spent in a local Peruvian restaurant eating Alpaca, drinking juice and Pisco sours with the team. It’s the last proper day and night together as tomorrow will be mostly travelling and getting ready to leave to our separate journeys!

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