Day 37 – The Lares Trek Part 1

Whoa. What a day.

We were picked up from the hotel and driven an hour out to stop at a market to pick up gifts for the children we will meet along the way. We were then driven a further two hours to Lares to begin the trek.

The beginning of the trek was uphill on a road (not tarmac but even) but it was the heat of the day so it wasn’t long before I was sweating and with the altitude, puffing away too – I know how to do the attractive look. 

After an hour or so, it was time to leave the road and go to rockier paths. I kept middle pace with a slight difficulty, but nothing torturous.

Lunch was amazing! We stopped at a local ladies house (she had kittens so I was thrilled) and our crew prepared a full three course meal! It was so tasty and well needed.

After lunch we had a further two hour trek. I honestly don’t know how I kept going. The altitude kept catching me with my breathing and muscles. I was so grateful when children appeared expectant for presents….It meant I could pause!

Somehow I made it to the campsite. What a place. I can’t believe I am here. I have never camped (the back garden as a kid does not count!) or properly trekked in my life, yet look at me and where I am. I sat in my tent stunned at this whilst taking in the view.

I am worried for tomorrow. It is a BIG trek…..Mostly uphill….At higher altitude and rougher terrain….I need to dig deep for all of my stubbornness to do this! But right now I need to find enough heat from somewhere to get some sleep and get rid of this headache. One step at a time!

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