Day 35 – Cusco

I had a horrendous night. I cannot stop being ill at the moment. Through lack of sleep and who knows what else I reached my emotional peak with it all. Barely holding it together I went to speak to our guide to try and get some help as to what I should do. He told me this was highly common with non-locals, that we were not used to the bacteria’s around and that goes into the food and so we get ill. Nothing a dose of antibiotics and electrolytes couldn’t fix. So off I went to the chemist.

The electrolytes look like screenwash and I needed to drink two bottles of it. I have almost finished the second one….It’s hard going when it tastes bad!!!

Dosed up and as ready as I would be, I joined up with the group and headed to the Temple of the Sun. 

It was very pretty, it had old Incan architecture and artwork inside helping to understand and see how they calculated things using the starts and the genius of their building works. There were even bricks with golden filagree running through….The reason that Cusco was known as El Dorado. We ended up in there for two hours. By the end I was as weak as a kitten and desperately needed a break.

I sat in the main square soaking up the sun until I had the strength to walk back to the hotel and take it easy for the afternoon. The rest of the group were heading up a mountain – there was no way I could manage that!

Christine got back early evening and I was feeling a bit brighter after having more electrolytes and pain relief and felt ready for some food. We decided we wanted to get stuck in with some local food and so went to try guinea pig. 

Its safe to say we didn’t try very much. With it’s little face looking at us we felt guilty and ended up naming him Charlie and giving him a whole back story!!! (Guinea pig​ tastes quite a lot like chicken but it much fattier – who knew the little guys needed such a fatty layer?!).

Feeling emotional about Charlie, we paid up and walked to the market to get what we needed for the next few days and then head back to the hotel to pack again. It’s a never ending cycle right now!

Another antibiotic down…..More electrolytes to go!!!!!!

1 thought on “Day 35 – Cusco”

  1. Aww bless you Flo, I hope you recover soon and get back to enjoying your adventures soon. Poor Charlie – brave attempt at trying the local delicacies tho. Love you xxx


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