Day 33 – Back to Puno

We woke up bright and early ready to help out with Jesus and Natalya however we could. First help of the day was to shape the local bread. It is made with wheat and fried in oil and has to be one of the tastiest things ever. When fried it probably triples in size and with jam I happily ate about six of them!

Straight after breakfast I was hoping to be rolled for a nap, but instead it was straight off down to the flat lands with the sheep so they could graze. This sounds easy…But of course there was no real path to follow and then you had to catch the sheep and peg them up when you got down there! The “sheep” dog wasn’t much help….He just looked at me, most likely laughing – I certainly was!

The trek back up was more painful than the way down. I swear I thought I was getting fitter, but as I saw Jesus fading into the distance and I was just getting redder and wheezier I realised this may have been a trick in my mind. Atleast the dog stayed with us!

Back at the house Natalya was ready for us with some potatoes. She had positioned some chairs in the front garden and we had two buckets….One with potatoes and one without. The sun was shining and it was so peaceful. Christine and I had a lovely time peeling away. My peeling leaves a bit to be desired…I’m out of practice….I think there was more peel than potatoes on mine!

Our final job was to help dig up potatoes. I was quite keen thinking of the little hand trowels and foam mats back home. Jesus then came around the corner with pick axes for us – I saw all the accidents possible flash before me eyes, but somehow smiled encouragingly. Don’t worry, I am still in one piece!

Once finished, we were given some quiet time in our room whilst I am guessing lunch was prepared. Laying there listening to the animal noises, it was immensely peaceful and relaxing. I could have happily dosed off. Before long we were collected for lunch where I of course are wayyyy too much! The food is always so good, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

As my last mouthful was being swallowed we were whisked to the bedroom and skirts were thrown at my head (the people on the island are very short and I am far from it). In what seemed a few seconds I was dressed and being hurried down to the port. My poor lunch didn’t know what was going on and after being squeezed into one of the belts felt firmly stuck….It was worse than a corset!

At the port the local people performed a traditional dance for us which was lovely until we were told it was our turn! I was paired with an enthusiastic partner and before long my hat had flown off and my lunch felt like it wasn’t far behind. I think I held it together well enough to look dignified….Maybe….It was fun at the very least.

Saying our last goodbyes to Jesus, we headed back to the boat and back to Puno to pack for another day of travel.

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