Day 30 – Oops La Paz!

I was supposed to get up and visit ruins with the new group, but I felt so unwell I ended up staying in bed and sleeping until 1pm. I woke up much better for it though!

I decided to freshen up and go for a little walk. I had a little bimble through the markets that pack the streets and sat in San Pedro park soaking up the sunshine for a little while.

When I got back to the hotel I was met by some of my group and we headed out for a little walk to a the main market for supplies. When we got there Easter demonstrations were in full swing. I have never seen or heard anything like it in my life. It was so passionate and energetic!

Back at the hotel, we met the rest of our “old” group and decided we would go for some dinner and a quiet farewell drink.

Well it definitely escalated….The first round of shots were free from the pub, then came tequila, B52, Jäger, mini Guinness, the pub’s mix and plenty of beer, drinking games and card games. 

At 1am, my roomie saved me and we escaped back to our room to try and get some kind of sleep before our long day tomorrow. Safe to say after not being well and hardly eating, I was sufficiently drunk. Such a good night!

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