Day 27 – Travel Again

5am starts are becoming WAY too regular at the moment. This cannot be the start of something!!!
We were in the 4×4’s by 6am and freezing our tooshies off. I swear I could not feel my toes for the first 3 hours of my day!!!!!

First stop, the stone tree. All the stone formations here are formed completely by wind. It was too early for me to function and I was so cold I didn’t do a lot here. It was impressive but I take time to get going in the morning….. Especially that time in the morning!

Next up, the red lagoon. By this point I was starting to feel it a bit more and nature tends to get me to be more lively. I have never seen so many flamingo’s together and so vibrant! I have never seen flamingo’s in the wild in the first place which was exciting.

The red colouration to the water (red plankton where the flamingo’s get their colour from), the mountains, the blue sky and green surroundings with the flamingo’s made for an awesome wake up call.

5,000m above sea level was our next stop to visit the geysirs. Cue sulphur smell, bizarre heat and sounds and dramatic views.

It really felt like you were on an alien planet and I half expected some other life form to pop out one of the steam clouds. It was really strange to watch it all. By this point (the highest I have ever been), the altitude was starting to give me the mother of all head aches.

At the next stop (hot springs), I was almost on my knees from the pressure in my head. I tried some coca tea to no avail, I drank more water than a camel just about to go to the desert and I took so many pills I practically rattled when I walked. None of this touched it. I wasn’t able to eat, it just made me feel unwell, so I was most grateful when our guide said it was time to head back to Uyuni. I could have done a jig.

5 hours later and a few naps, we arrived​ in Uyuni and I was headache free! I could have eaten a scabby horse I was that hungry, but no headache! We had an hour to shower, pack and get food before we had to get on the night bus….I don’t think I have ever eaten so much of a pizza and in record time. I am impressed with myself!

So, here I am again on the night bus. This one luckily isn’t a nightmare bus. It is a double decker with some leg room. Hopefully I can get a good amount of shut eye tonight and tomorrow will be a quiet one. I need a chill day before adventures in La Paz.

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