Day 21 – Lazy Day

I did not want to pry myself from bed this morning, but Sucre was waiting so after a kick up the butt I finally got breakfast and got ready to head out.

The morning was spent doing practical things like getting money (they don’t really use card here and my card isn’t accepted at every ATM – this results in A LOT of walking!) and finding stamps. Then exploring the local market. 

The market is huge! There is literally anything and everything you could wish for under one roof for extremely low prices. I tried the local sandwich and a fresh juice there which cost me less than £3 for all of it and it was so tasty!

I couldn’t resist buying some local fruits from the ladies on the road side. I found out the name of my new favourite fruit too – Chirmoya – best fruit ever!

After some good food (there is definitely a theme starting), the group met up ready to head to some of the museums. 
We caught the local bus which was extremely cosy as there were no seats available. It was also an experience as nothing here in Bolivia appears to be made for tall beings and so my head was brushing the roof of the bus! 

When we arrived at the first museum, following my usual luck, it was closed. To not waste the trip to the Recolecta I invested in a stylish new llama jumper for the coming cold! Pictures will follow in a few days no doubt!!!

We headed to the next museum and of course there were no guides available! Apparently there were strikes and road blocks in Sucre today so nothing was open or running properly.

My luck was in full swing today! I picked up my laundry, so glad to finally have some clean clothes back as I have been surviving the last few days in what I was standing up in…Quickly changed into my t shirt and hoody only to find they had shrunk them and stained the t shirt (my only t shirt). Clothes shopping at some point it is then….

Calling my luck for what it is, I decided to accept today’s fate, get the few bits I needed from the shop and head back to the room to chill out for a few hours.

In the evening we had a local Bolivian cooking class where we were cooking pique a lo macho. 

The class turned out to be more of a help prepare and watch class and you needed a fair level of Spanish to get by (luckily others in the group could translate well enough), but overall it was good fun and the food was immense! Naturally I ate too much and wanted to be rolled back to the hotel. Thats a sign of a good night right?!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more luck and good weather as I am off hiking – eep!

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