Day 20 – Sucre

5:30am was as painful as I was expecting. I am not a morning person at the best of times, today in particular. Music was used to block out the world until a sociable hour.

At the airport we said goodbye to our guide who has been with us for the first part of the tour. She has been great and it was sad to see her go, but we are in safe hands with our next tour guide who has been with us so far shadowing our last guide. Who better to show us Bolivia than a Bolivian?!

So we arrived in Sucre…10° and overcast….I almost forgot what 10° felt like! We arrived at the hotel, dropped our bags and went to have breakfast. So apparently so far in my life I have seriously been missing out! Salteña’s are the BEST food! I am literally druelling thinking about them. I have a feeling I will be eating many more on this trip. I’m going to come home 10 stone heavier at this rate.

After food, I started to feel more friendly…Less of a hangry and grumpy morning person. We were shown the local market which has absolutely everything you could possibly imagine there and was crammed with locals. We tried a fruit (I need to find out the name again….I forgot) which we don’t get back home and it was so damn tasty. I could have eaten lots more!

After, we headed to the park and then the Recolecta. From there you could see a lot of Sucre. It was a fantastic spot to stop and have a peek.

After that we were given free time until the evening. I finally got to do some laundry!!!!!! Pretty much my whole backpack got put in for a wash…I can’t wait to get it all back tomorrow clean and fresh. I then had the most glorious nap.

Feeling refreshed, I met up with the group where we talked about the activities for the next few days. This then turned into a spontaneous mass piercing event…..I wasn’t swayed by peer pressure but did enjoy laughing at the pained faces.

For the evening, we went to a German restaurant/bar and had good food and drinks. They then did free salsa lessons. I was completely in my element! I forgot how much I loved dancing and how happy it made me. I literally cannot wipe the smile off of my face right now. It is totally right that dancing is good for the soul. I even got a dance with a local (Bruno) who got me moving on the dance floor like a spinning top – I definitely wasn’t up to his standard!

We are settling in Sucre for a few days which will be nice to get a few good night’s and some exploring in.

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