Day 19 – Santa Cruz

I woke up on the overnight train a bit confused at where I was but generally rested. I managed to sleep from about 10:30pm until 6am…I call that a pretty damn good night.

We arrived about 7:30am and got onto a transfer to the hotel. It was raining! I haven’t seen rain yet here and it felt pretty wonderful until we were walking six blocks in it without changing from our overnight clothes and no coat. Then less so….However breakfast made it worth it! Empanada’s and a fresh passionfruit juice, t-a-s-t-y! Funnily enough we decided on a taxi back to the hotel to get our room keys.

Getting the room was so exciting. After the Pantanal anything would pretty much feel like luxury, but when the door was opened and we had two double beds, a sofa, a dressing table and a nice big bathroom I squeaked with genuine happiness.

The rest of the day was a lazy day. It was just what the doctor ordered. We showered and freshened up as it was desperately needed but then I watched TV on my laptop, surfed the internet, read my book and basically didn’t move off the bed. It felt great….Almost like I was home for a duvet day.
In the evening the group got together for dinner as it was our main guides last night with us. We went for a traditional Santa Cruz dinner which was so good and a tried a drink called a chuflay. We even got the mandatory cheesy picture.

After dinner we had a few drinks back at the hotel, played a few games and then headed off to bed as we have a 5:30am start tomorrow – oh the joy! I’m tired already!!!

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