Day 16 – Welcome to Pantanal

A 5 hour bus journey later and we finally got to say goodbye to the nightmare bus!

We reached the transfer point and we were greeted by toucans singing in the trees (not sure if it can really be called singing….They sound like throaty crows) and our safari vehicle. We hopped in, met our guide and set off on our 45 minute journey. Our guide is fantastic, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He pointed various animals out on the way and even stopped to show us jaguar tracks.

Pulling up to the farm was pretty magical. It felt like it should be a scene from a cowboy film….Horses, guinea fowl, vast rolling green plains and blue skies. We arrived at the hottest point in the day so everyone was resting. 

We were shown our rooms and given time to test our hammocks – it is surprisingly comfortable and I managed a nap! I will reserve full judgment until I have spent a whole night in it.

At 4 o’clock the group got together with our guide for a walk around the farm and forest. In theory this sounds exactly my kind of activity. In reality I was in complete misery. The mosquitos were like a plague. There were clouds of them every which way you turned and despite repellant and long trousers, I was being eaten alive.

Plus sides; we saw loads of caiman, macaws both blue and red, different woodpeckers, an armadillo and monkeys. The sunset when we came back to the farm was pretty show stopping. The amount of walking and water I’m drinking, I must be getting healthier!!!!

The mosquitos and heat are going to be a challenge to take here but a good test of my patience. Tomorrow we have an activity filled day (except between 11am and 4pm where everyone has a siesta because of the heat)….Bring on the challenges!

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