Day 13 – Iguassu Falls Brazil

Today was a lazy start. No alarm, late breakfast, late for check out, a gentle wander to the supermarket for snacks and an easy bus ride to Iguassu Falls Brazilian side.

It is hard to say which side is more beautiful. There is less to walk on the Brazilian side, but you can see so much and you can really take in the scope of the falls.

I was planning on taking a helicopter ride across the falls to get the full effect but when I was told it was $130 for an 8 minute ride the accountant inside of me started having a toddler screaming fit – so that was a swift no!
So I walked the route, took in the view, spotted birds, butterfly’s and lizards and tackled the all the stairs to the high viewpoint.

It really is hard to put into words the beauty.

After the falls, we had some free time before dinner where I put in some calls to my friends and family at home (love you guys!).

Dinner was at a Gaucho restaurant – more meat that you can shake a stick at! I’m always disappointed in my stomach letting me down at these places….I want to commit to trying everything but after my first bit of meat my belly is having none of it and decides it is full, so I spend the rest of the meal having food envy.

My food baby and I then needed a little walk as the night bus is tonight and the last thing anyone wants is the meat sweats mid-12 hour bus ride!!!!

So here I am now….Sat on the “nightmare” bus with very little wiggle room (damn long legs), no ability to lay or stretch out and stuck here for the next 12 hours. Oh the joy. Thank God for music….Here’s to a long night!!!

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