Day 12 – Iguazu Falls Argentina

Oh my! Best day ever! A 5:30am start not so much…..But it definitely improved from there on out.

So after 5:30am, my day started with a tasty breakfast, a good hot shower and a bus ride across the Argentinan​ border (they made me so happy by keeping all my Argentinian stamps together in my passport – it’s the little things!).

We arrived nice and early to Iguazu Falls and were one of the first lot there. You had to hop on a little train from the tourist centre and then take a walk along these metal walk ways. We rushed along not really taking in the scenery, trying to be the first to the main event. And man was it worth it….

It was spectacular. Absolutely breathtaking. I can’t put into words the beauty of it. It’s something that must be seen.

We stayed for a while, got wet and windswept…Even the bestie checked it out! 

After it started to get busy, we headed back along the metal walk ways and took in the views we had missed rushing in. We even got some coati visitors (although here they are viewed as sugar addicted pests!)

Once back at the beginning of the walkways, we headed off on the upper trail (all the lower trails were closed due to puma sightings). It was about an hour of walking where we got to view the surrounding waterfalls and land. All truly stunning and quite humbling. It was a great place for some inner reflection in the sun.

Lunch stop meant changing time, ready for the boat ride (or as everyone kept referring to it, the shower…).

We boarded some bright yellow jeeps that drove us through the national park, pointing out things like the little lemons (butterfly’s) and the golden orbweaver (spiders). We then had to climb down what felt like a hundred steps to our large (maybe 30 seater?) speed boat.

Life jacketed up, shoes off and all belongings placed in a dubious looking dry bag, I was ready to rock! 

Down the river to the rapids we headed, taking in the views of both Brazil and Argentina. The colours, plants and waterfalls were show stopping but what really made the ride was the trip into the falls! The water was so refreshing and cool….Albeit a little forceful at times, but it was such fun. I haven’t laughed like that in a while.

At the end of the ride all my stuff had survived bar one shoe that was a little soggy and of course me that needed a whole change of clothes….Luckily I was prepared (for a change!).

Once mostly dry and full of snacks, there was the bus ride back to the hotel where we decided that it was time we went to see Beauty and the Beast.

Ok, so 1. Beauty and the Beast – hell yes! I left the UK one day before release (kicking myself much?!) So I have been desperate to see this and 2. I haven’t been to a foreign cinema before so this was sadly exciting to me. Another shower later I was ready to head out!

So for the last couple of hours I have been at the cinema thoroughly enjoying Beauty and the Beast – can I just recommend this to anyone and everyone?! It was an amazing film, I had the best time. Other than almost freezing to death in the air con, I wouldn’t have changed anything! What a day!

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