Day 10 – Paraty Boat Tour

Today is mother’s day in the UK, so my day started with a call to my mum back home! (Happy mother’s day Marmy – it is still Sunday here!)

I took a walk around the town, got some water, got some money, admired the beach and then headed back to the hotel to meet the others. It was a very laid back start to the day.

Today we were taking the boat tour and it was a perfect day for it, so we headed to the pier and set off.

Our first stop was beautiful. Surrounded by little islands, other little boats and the bright blue sea, you could almost forget there was anywhere else in the world to be. 
People started jumping and climbing from the boat into the sea and enjoying a swim. I was on the top level of the boat looking down at it all and taking it in. It was really peaceful, but a long way down….

It wasn’t long before most of the group had taken the plunge and were now “encouraging” those that hadn’t. 

After some such “encouraging” and as minimal thought about how damn high it was, I took a less than elegant dive bomb from the top of the boat. The water was amazing. So incredibly warm and my GoPro survived the jump too! Hopefully there will be some hilarious footage to watch later…

The boat made four stops on the trip. At the second stop the group tried to choreograph an artful jump scene for the GoPro of us all jumping together, but me being a wuss at heights, once I got to the edge I couldn’t hang around and wait to jump…. So I went for it! Some editing may now be required….

At the fourth and final stop, we swam ashore to a beautiful beach and played volleyball. Well, I tried…My coordination has never been my strong point and when you add in a dodgy ankle, I was kind of handicapped! After a few failed attempts, I ended up in the shallows finding shells and videoing fish and crabs.

Back on the boat and shivering my tooshie off (the water was warmer than the sun that had cooled off in the day) I felt pretty good and was marvelling what a great, chilled out day it had turned out to be. The day however wasn’t done for me yet though – sea turtles then made an appearance. SEA TURTLES! Yes, you read that right – I got to see sea turtles for real! No aquarium, no TV screens, real live sea turtles swimming in the real sea. That just made my trip!

There was only one last thing to do…I keep getting told that real travellers wear the handmade bracelets you see around….And so, after the last few days I felt it was time to officially become a traveller. I went to the market right off the boat and bought my first bracelet. That’s it. It is now official!

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