Day 9 – Praia do Sono

Another early start to the day – I feel like this is a reoccurring theme, I thought these would stop with the whole no job thing…

Today was another accomplishment of sorts – using the public bus. So, apparently Brazilian buses are on time (take note UK!!!!!!) which almost caused some problems on the return journey.

We caught the bus out to the beginning of the trek to Praia do Sono. It was a 40 minute bus journey from the main town of Paraty, which I battled to keep awake for to enjoy the greenery. That is something I haven’t yet got over the shock of – Brazil is so green! Even in the centre of Rio there were trees everywhere, so different from the grey colour scheme of London.

The trek was of course vertical, of course hot and humid and of course over a hour long….

I hobbled along with my useless ankle like a determined pack horse that had been made lame. I would not be beaten by this walk. I would enjoy the beauty, the exercise and the nature even if it killed me, which was highly possible in this case with the number of obstacles on the path!!!!

Almost two hours later we reached the final peak where we could see what this whole trek was for and oh, what a view – I almost ran the last stretch!

Praia do Sono was beautiful and it was so quiet. It was like our own private piece of paradise. The sea was warm, the sand was white, the shade was perfect and the beach restaurants there served the best food. What more could you ask for?! 

I went for a dip in the sea, hoping to look like a total beach babe but looking more like Bambi on ice as I found out firsthand how strong the current was…It’s a good job I don’t mind getting my hair wet!

A few hours later, it was time to leave. We had the choice to walk back or take a taxi boat. Now at the time a taxi boat seemed the best idea, so three of us volunteered to take the first boat.

This taxi boat was essentially a small speed boat and the three of us were positioned in the middle to balance the weight. As I carefully lowered myself into the middle of the bench, we were thrust forward onto the waves and my feet lifted off the ground as my butt crashed down. I grappled to hold onto my GoPro and gain a good hold on my ship mates next to me.

The 15 minute ride to the other side felt painfully slow…Literally painful. I never knew water could be so hard! I felt like the boat was trying to push my spine up my throat. Each wave lifted the boat and then me off my seat only to crash down onto what felt like stone, not water, moments later. 

The driver (is he called a driver? Captain maybe? Is it too small for him to be a captain?!) stopped the boat three times on the journey – once to rearrange us, once to tell us off and another time to get us to put life jackets on (slightly concerning….). When we reached the other side, we felt like survivors and vowed to walk next time if only to save our behinds from so much pain!

After catching the bus back to the town, it was time to try churros (yes I know I must be the only person alive who hasn’t yet tried one….). Obviously as I had been healthy today I chose for it to be caramel filled to counter that!!!! 

Not a bad way to end the day! Tomorrow, another day in Paraty.

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