Day 8 – Welcome to Paraty

It was an early start today ready to leave Ilha Grande and head to our next destination. An hour’s journey on the ferry and a two hour bus ride got us to the beautiful town of Paraty. 

Our guide gave us a walking tour around the town (this was supposed to happen later in the evening, but she changed her mind spur of the moment and so now I have a beautiful lobster red neck – yay *add sarcasm as your feel necessary*). Although we did get to sample various cachaça (spirit made from sugarcane – the passion fruit combination is by far the best).

We are staying in Paraty a few days which is good as the town is laid out like a maze! It will take me a few days just to be able to visit every street and stop going in circles. It is a beautiful town with an amazing buzz and vibe.

For the evening, my roomie and I wandered the streets checking out the local stores and tried the street food desserts (passion fruit cake was to die for!).

After, we joined the rest of the group at a Thai food restaurant which had the world’s tastiest food. Overall, I have been well fed on good food today.

It has been a slow day of mostly​ travelling and a quiet evening ready for some more hiking tomorrow – eep!

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