Day 7 – Ilha Grande Trek

I have officially been away for one week. It is really strange, it feels both like it was yesterday and forever ago at the same time.

Today a group of us decided to take a trek to Lopes Mendes beach. Stupidly, I thought this would be fun and easy – pahahaha! Oh how I overestimate myself!

We set off at 9am to try and get ahead of the heat and humidity. At that time is was already approximately 22 degrees celsius and the humidity was fast setting in. I started the walk at a reasonable pace across the town and beach ready to get my tan on. I was then lead into the forested part of the trek. Well, I never knew a forest could be so vertical!

The first part of the forest trek was the hardest and went on for about an hour and a half. In that time, I slipped more times than I could count (not jarring the dodgy ankle too badly luckily), huffed, puffed, went past red in colour and hit puce and sweated from places I did not think was humanly possible. Apparently I am no where near as fit as I thought I was!

At the point where my ankle was starting to throb and I was going to sit down and refuse to move unless rolled as my legs were going to give way in rebellion, we made it to the first beach. Just one further trial to be able to enjoy it….You had to do a mini abseil down a rather large boulder to get onto the beach. Of course I did this with my usual grace and elegance (hahahahahaha for those that know me….) and just saved myself from landing on my ass. Accident averted, I could spend the next hour swimming and sunning myself in this paradise! (The boulder in the picture is wayyyy smaller than the abseiling one!).

An hour later, it was time to set off and go back into the forest again (inward groan). The second stint was marginally easier than the first one….I think I puffed a whole 10 seconds less!!! 

40 minutes later and we were at the next patch of paradise. We didn’t really stop here, only long enough for me to catch my breath, take in the views and make a fuss of a dog that was sunning itself rather cutely.

For the last time, we hit the forest again. A 20 minute almost constant vertical climb then a slip and slide down and we had reached Lopes Mendes beach. Every huff, puff and drop of sweat was worth it. It was like an amazing postcard in the flesh!

I braved the bikini and took to the waves, a mermaid in my element (well maybe not that graceful, more like a baby elephant plonked in a large bathtub but both have fun right?!). We spent the rest of the day swimming, eating and sunning ourselves infront of this amazing view. What a way to spend the day!

As always, all good things must come to and end and it was time to pack up and head for the taxi boat back to our part of the island (thank goodness I wasn’t being made to walk the same route home…). I sat expectantly on the sand waiting for this magical taxi boat to appear and take me home. Well, of course it wouldn’t happen like that! It’s like I have learnt nothing!!!! The sinking feeling was confirmed when it was announced we needed to walk back to the second beach to get the taxi boat home – I almost asked for a piggy back right then and there!

I’m stubborn though….To the core and I was not going to be beaten by some overgrown shubbery! I told my legs to pack in the moaning, my ankle to stop hurting and my feet to get moving and head back up that torturous incline.

I thought the trek out there was worthwhile, but for me the highlight came on the way back to the taxi boat. Of course I can’t remember what they are called (anyone feel free to chip in!)…But on the way back, we came across a little family of monkey’s that live in the forest. They were very quietly watching us and chirruping to each other. The closer we got, the closer they watched. When we were right up next to them, our guide gave them a tiny piece of banana and suddenly they wanted to be our friends for life! Naturally, being the animal fanatic I am, I was the first to ask if I could feed them – so get this…..I got to feed this little guy – Best thing ever!!!!!

After that the trek seemed to go very quickly and we were on the taxi boat and back to the hotel before you could say “super cute monkey”.

As this is our last night officially in Rio, it was only right to try tapioca as this can only be found in Rio. So, to balance out the healthy trek I did today, I had nutella with my tapioca! It was quite pleasant, like a crepe with a slight crunch.

After all the activity ans excitement today, I’m ready for a quiet night in preparation for more travel tomorrow.

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