Day 6 – Travel to Ilha Grande

First off, apologies for any waffling, spelling mistakes or general rubbish that appear in this post. I have had a few caipirinha’s and they seem to have gone to my head. P.S. Super tasty local drink but VERY strong!

Today was not overly exciting. It consisted of travel for the most part. 

I managed to make it to breakfast today – hooray for my stomach! I then got frustrated repacking everything back into my backpack….Safe to say a few things ended up in the bin with various curse words following…

The group met in the lobby and then was picked up by the coach. I plugged into my tunes on Spotify (thanks to someone rather awesome who had put together a playlist for me) and zoned out for the next hour and a half. 

We stopped for a brief lunch where it was pay by the kg (I have never come across this before). It was an open buffet essentially with some local food. Cinnamon cooked bananas are totally tasty!

Back to the coach after food for another hour and a half stint in the coach – I literally would have gone insane without music! The scenery was breathtaking and the roads were like the ones in the arty car adverts, all twists and turns. It was quite soothing really. Eventually we made it to the ferry port.

Waiting for the ferry was like sitting in a greenhouse, although I felt like I was becoming a puddle, not a plant!!! The ferry trip however was totally worth the wait.

Ilha Grande is stunning. Literally like a perfect postcard. You don’t have enough life times to soak up the perfection. We were taken for a walk to enjoy a beautiful cove after we checked in to our shared rooms (only between two luckily!). It was totally calming and peaceful.

After, we hit the caipirinha’s and some dinner. I got to try a traditional Brazilian fish stew which was really nice – the banana’s in it were a little odd but not unmanageable! 

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