Day 5 – Rio Adventures

I slept!!!!! It was glorious. It was so good I managed to miss breakfast – doh! So a hungry start to the day for me.

Despite wanting to spend the day cuddled in those heavenly sheets of slumber, with some berating and internal (and external!) bullying I extracted myself from my room and out into Rio’s sunshine.

Today’s accomplishment….I tackled the subway! It was not very complicated but I’m taking it as a win anyway. The subway was almost home from home with its similarity to London’s underground and that comfort gave me some confidence.

I took myself out of Copocabana and to the Selarón steps. They were awesome! Naturally it was busy but I felt like a hero battling through the hoardes, getting pictures of the tiles and reaching the top of the staircase! There are tiles to represent most countries and cities which I tried to find as many as possible (everyone loves a challenge).

After my victory I decided I was going to be a real tourist and head for Christ the Redeemer. So I caught the subway back, found some food as by this point my stomach was starting to think my throat had been cut and followed directions to the national park buses which are very reasonable for the tours.

40 minutes and a few near death experiences later, I was climbing the somewhat never ending stairs to one of the new wonders of the world.

Of course I took the mandatory picture of me and JC! But what really took my breath away was the view. I felt like I was on top of the world, it was a real gift and quite an astonishing reality and sanity check.

Of course my best leaving present had to make an appearance! I wouldn’t want the bestie to think she was forgotten!!!!

A less life threatening bus ride down gave me time to think on my trip and how awesome Rio had been so far. So far not comedic horrors today!
Tonight was meeting the tour group night and dinner with them all. They seem a nice bunch and the tour seems good (they taught me the card game Presidents and Assholes so can’t be all bad right?!). Tomorrow it all officially begins.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Rio Adventures”

  1. Well done Flo, I know day 5 has been particularly challenging for u, but u have pushed on and achieved much, u should be very proud of yrself, I’m certainly very proud of u. Enjoy day 6 my lovely, stay safe and take care xxx


  2. Not only did I make it to Rio I also made it on the blog. It looks amazing and I’m glad I could spend time in the sunshine with you 😉😂 can’t wait for the next update I feel like a stalker 😘


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