Day 4 – Rio de Janeiro

Today has been a pretty long day. As I’m writing this I can feel my eyelids testing how long a blink can still be classed as a blink….

It was a 3:30am start, to pack, get ready, check out of my little bunk of heaven, get downstairs and get a taxi booked. I do know how to treat myself! 

I had an early morning shock paying for the taxi, apparently a 5am pickup isn’t sociable (you’re telling me!) and is still classed as a night rate. By this point, I have lost all will to argue and so I paid with barely a wince. Besides I had technically saved money as I hadn’t managed to do anything in Buenos Aires anyway – not quite the treat I was hoping for, but a taxi ride is better than nothing!

At the airport I still don’t have a clue where I am supposed to be staying (never ever ever book through the agent I used – I am finding this out the hard way) and after 10 minutes of failed calling, my family came to my rescue and got through on the phone for me (love you guys!).
Check in was a real faff. There was something going on with my ticket, but my Spanish let me down again, so I wasn’t able to eaves drop on the problem. 10 minutes of waiting and one empty of my backpack (to find a measly Zippo I had lovingly stored that now needed to be hand luggage), and I was on my way with boarding pass in hand!

The airport wait is a bit of a blur, I think I just mainly sat in a comatose state of both, lack of sleep and shock that nothing horrendous had yet happened! It passed quickly enough and I was boarding the plane before I knew it. 

Now, me being the retarded zombie that I am that time in the morning (especially with three hours of sleep to my name), I hadn’t yet checked my seat number….Usually I would have picked it at check in but we all know how that story went…Well, as I stumbled onto the plane and found my seat, I could have done a jig! I had been given an upgrade – I HAD LEG ROOM!!!!!!! 

FINALLY, something awesome and unexpected! Safe to say, my zombie mode returned after brief internal celebrations and I settled down for a nap with this extra space, plush blanket and fantastic service.

Of course something had to then go wrong to balance out good and evil in the world… Arriving at the hotel, I was upbeat and ready to get in the mood for Rio. However, the hotel wasn’t ready for me….They said I had no booking. Cue dark cloud….

20 minutes later after an irritated phone call, I found out my agent had given me the completely wrong hotel information and address despite confirming it twice! *insert applicable cuss words on my behalf please* Further trudging and I get to my correct hotel and check in. My mood couldn’t completely take away from the excitement of having a room to myself tonight. 

After a pit stop to pour everything out of my backpack, freshen up, catch up with family for a little pick me up, and sit for a few minutes I decided it was time to hit Copocabana beach!

I have never seen something look more like a postcard then Copocabana beach. It is stunning! I didn’t want to leave. It was so relaxing watching the waves, soaking up the sun and walking over the white sand like a Sandals advert. It gave me reflection time and helped get my zen feeling back in line.

After two hours, I decided it was time to head back to the hotel. There’s nothing like a little pamper, some food, a good book and an early night to put the world to rights.

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