Day 3 – Adiós Buenos Aires

This morning started with an attempted murder scene in the shared bathroom. No, it was not me killing a roomie!!! I slept reasonably well, I only woke up as I have been eaten alive by insects and they itch and hurt like crazy – so the roomies got to live another day. There was blood all over the light switch, (so now also over my hands), along the walls, across the floor, over the toilet seat, in the shower….In fact I’m not sure there wasn’t anywhere it wasn’t and I was now standing in it. Talk about a beautiful morning?!

After wet wiping round like I was on a dettol advert, I felt satisfied enough (although still grossed out) to use the facilities and start my day. 

Today the plan was to go to San Telmo market then go to La Boca  before going to Palacio Barolo. Finally we would hit a local tango bar for dinner and a tango show. Overall a pretty awesome Sunday….The best laid plans hey?

San Telmo was tourist central and it was packed. The market went for streets and streets, it was hard to keep track. Each stall had something different, beautifully unique and generally handmade. Was I not restricted to my backpack, I know I would have picked up tonnes of touristy odds and sods.

In the central square (when we finally made it), there were many performers and musicians and so in the sunshine a mini tango show was just what Sunday ordered. After a stunning performance and some amazing food, we started the trek to La Boca.

Enroute we took a wrong road twice and was put back on to safer paths, the third time we were stopped and we were sent away. Apparently it was not safe with the football match that was going to be on today (football is life to Argentinans). You could feel the unease in the air so to my disappointment no La Boca for me.

The next stop, Palacio Barolo then decided to follow suit and be closed when we arrived. Follow that up with dinner plans that got moved to too late for me to go (I have to leave for my flight so early tomorrow), this day was taking a disappointing nose dive.

I thought now would be the time to sort myself for my flight tomorrow, so I decided to check in. Of course these things come in three’s right? So my flight had put me on standby….I am sensing a theme to this trip so far!!!

I called the airline to be told they believe it is a system glitch…That “believe” gives me such comfort when I have to be there at 5am! So I guess tomorrow will be the decider on that.

Next check, the hostel for the next stage of my trip….The travel agent hadn’t given me the name or the address in my pack it turns out and of course when I emailed he is on holiday for the next week. By this point I really am questioning the world and what I did to offend Sunday?!

So my Sunday has gone; murder scene, horrible bites, sunburn, no La Boca, no Palacio Barolo, potentially no flights, no accommodation the other side and I have to get up in three hours to find this out, hmmmm….

Plus sides I am scratching my head to find….I saw the “embarrassing” monument to the waterfalls (the tour guide said they were embarrassing not me!), The sun was shining, umm….Let’s see what tomorrow brings?

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