Day 2 – Gaucho Trip

My first night in a hostel was HORRENDOUS. I can laugh now, but it has taken me until this evening to see the funny side. It consisted of drunk louts falling on me, dropping things on my head, falling down ladders, fart sounds and proceeding bouquets, unflattering and quite frankly scarring sex moans and sound effects.

After 3 hours sleep, I did not feel ready to conquer today. Far from it, I felt ready to book a flight home back to my comfy pillows and mattress and most of all, my privacy!

Oh the comfort!

My mood worsened as my tour guide became later and later. I had specifically pried myself from my bed (aka pit of doom) early to be ready for this and although the bed was no prize winner it was better there than just standing and waiting….

The dark cloud descended further when I was finally picked up, to only again have to do further waiting and now with a group of Spanish speaking only people. After “Hola”, things dried up pretty fast….Add a stained top that looked like I had dribbled on myself, a low phone battery and an hour and a half journey to to the ranch, you have one very sulky being.

It was worth it though! Despite not speaking to anyone for almost the entire time I was there, I got to horse ride, try maté, learn about the gaucho people, partake it the traditional gaucho kissing game, eat more good food than my stomach knew what to do with and experience some traditional Argentine music and dancing.

When I got dropped back to the hostel I wasn’t ready to face those demons yet, so I went and had a breather in the park up the road and reflected. 

After more food (where on earth am I putting this?!) I headed back to the hostel…Wish me luck for tonight’s kip!!!!

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