Day 1 – Buenos Aires

So after planning and waiting and planning and chaos (including throwing myself  a down the stairs!) I am finally here!

My flight was emotional and long. I hoped it would be more exciting – it was rather anticlimactic on that front, but 14 hours later I arrived in sunny Buenos Aires.

The airport part was easy, I flew through (every pun intended)! The getting to the hostel was more difficult….The uber couldn’t find me and when it did between myself and the driver we could barely string together a sentence of conversation. Apparently me being able to ask for a sandwich is Spanish is not enough – who knew?!

I arrived at the hostel hours before check in and as much as I wanted to nap the day away in the sunshine, I knew I needed to keep awake and moving. It was only 10am Argentinan time after all!!!

I had heard about a book shop that I wanted to check out and so I took a bimble. I say bimble like it was 2 minutes up the road…Nothing in Buenos Aires is 2 minutes up the road. My legs don’t know what has hit them today! The book shop used to be a theatre and they have kept it as close to original as possible. It was really rather spectacular – my photo does it no justice (excuse my poor photo skills, I’m blaming to exhaustion right now).

My stomach was still working on UK time so I hit the Hard Rock café for some grub and my mandatory pin – a tango dancing one of course!

The next few hours were slow paced and quiet and safe to say exhaustion took hold. The doubts crept in and the emotions swung round more than the colour changes of a chameleon in a bag of skittles.

After a sanity call to home, a sit down in my new bedroom/home for the next few days, I was ready to head out for dinner and a social with one of my new roomies. 

My legs feel like they have been tortured, my feet are crying and right now I barely know if I am typing English I am that tired….But the adventure continues!

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